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  1. bleed valves
    • Recommended for use in bleeding hydraulic systems


    • Valve vents line pressure to atmosphere or to containment
    • Multi-valve manifolds or gauge/root valves
    • Assist  in the calibration of control devices


  2. pressure relief valves
    • Automatic protection mechanism for process instrumentation system
    • CE marked and certified to the highest Category-IV level of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
    • Pressure settings are externally adjustable
    • Seat design additionally operates over an extremely wide pressure range (150 to 6000 psi, 10.3 to 414 bar)
    • From six to eight different spring ranges provide greater system sensitivity and enhanced performance


  3. solenoid valves
    • Recommended for wide variety of applications that  require zero pressure differential and  medium to high pressures and flow
    • Available in Normally Closed and  Normally Open constructions with  interchangeable AC/DC coils
    • Can be mounted in any position  and in various coil housings to suit various protection requirements 
    • Delivered with a wide range of distributors for actuation
    • Electrical parts are designed for continuous duty and permanent switch- on (100% ED)
    • Bodies and housings are available  in a variety  of elastomers as well as, brass and stainless materials


  4. monoflanges
    • Compact double block and bleed valves, featuring needle valves
    • Configurable options include single block, double block and double block and bleed
    • Reducing installations cost while improving safety through a reduction in leak paths
    • Available in a range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, alloy 625


  5. double block & bleed valves
    • A complete range of ball valves 10mm ball and needle valve manifolds
    • Working pressures up to 10,000 psi (690 bar)
    • Including block and bleed, and double block and bleed manifold options
    • Available with integral A-LOK® or CPI™ connections, reducing leak paths and installation costs


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