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  1. easyship digi field kit
    • Oil analysis kit used for on-site measuring and monitoring of water content in oil, TBN, insoluble, viscosity and TAN
    • Provides state of the art, digital analysis and gives fast, accurate results for in-depth monitoring of trends
    • For extensively oil types such as fuel, hydraulic and lube oil


  2. heated viscometer
    • An accurate range, providing laboratory grade oil condition results in minutes
    • Estimate the combustion performance (CCAI) of fuel oil
    • Gives an early warning for a range of common problems
    • Heavy duty, portable robust equipment
    •  ideal for long term use with rapid results
    • Test greater range of oils, by changing the viscosity index or density
    • Equipped with membrane type keypad and tactile buttons for easy use.


  3. analexfdmplus
    • A highly accurate instrument designed to measure the contamination of an oil sample with ferrous wear metal particles
    • Data from each test is stored in the internal memory, which may then be transferred to a host PC via a RS232 interface
    • Results are shown in a tabular display and in graphical format to enable trending by machine or equipment number
    • Ferrous debris is measured directly from the oil or grease in the sample container, providing a quick, simple and clean method of analysis


  4. mhc bearing checker
    • Monitoring high frequency Acoustic Emissions (AE) signals naturally generated by deterioration in rotating machinery
    • Both dB Level (Indication of the overall noise of the bearing) and Distress® values (instant indication of the state of the bearing’s health) are displayed
    • Easy to Use and Interpret parameters for quick analysis, simple One-Handed operation
    • Last measurement recall 


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