ProductsHydraulic Pumps, Cylinders & control Valves
  1. hydraulic pumps
    • Broad line of energy efficient hydraulic pumps includes:

    * Fixed or variable displacement models

    * Piston pumps

    * Vane pumps

    * Gear pumps

    * Gerotor pumps

    • Available with a full complement of electronic and computer controls


    • High efficiency and low maintenance  under the toughest operating conditions
    • Available for open or closed loop systems


    • Manufactured with the finest materials under strict quality control



  2. cylinders
    • Cylinders come in a wide range of construction types, ranging from compact light duty aluminum air cylinders, motorized electric cylinders, to heavy duty hydraulic designs:


    • Cylinders are available in single rod, double rod or rodless designs


    • linders are designed to meet numerous industry and government specifications and standards, such as NFPA, JIC, NASA, FAA, EASA, JAA, ISO, and DIN

    * Industrial hydraulic cylinders

    * Pneumatic cylinders

    * Mobile hydraulic cylinders

    * Electric linear and rotary cylinders

    * Electrohydraulic actuator packages

    * Feedback cylinders (mechanical, digital)

    • Available in a wide range of pressure  ratings, sizes, configurations and materials including: steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum



  3. directional control valves
    •  A wide range of valves with different constructions styles for various applications including: 
    • Valves are offered with or without on-board control electronics 

    * Hydraulic DCVs

    Are one of the most fundamental parts in hydraulic machinery which allow fluid flow into different paths from one or more sources. Valves are designed with different number of ports (entries or exists connected to valves), number of positions, actuating methods (manually, hydraulically, mechanically and solenoid operated methods) and types of spools (Sliding and rotary spools)

    • Valves are characterized by their compact design with good corrosion resistance for easy operation, and rugged construction for heavy duty applications


    •  DCVs present high best fluid power technology   to equipments – from the simplest control functions to the most exotic automation environments

    * Air Valves

    Cover the broadest range of industrial market applications. They offer control and performance, incorporating air valve technology such as wear compensated spool design, modular valves, manual and mechanical air valves, field bus compatible air valves and air valves with collective wiring for specialized machinery

    • In addition to Directional control valves, sandwich valves (Valves mounted between DCVs and their mounting Surface) are available to meet numerous mounting designs and panel mounting versions. These devices are characterized by their Steel bodies and internal hardened steel components for strength and durability



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