ProductsFiltration & Gas Generation
  1. compressed air & gas filters and dryers
    • High quality Compressed Air and Gas

    Treatment products, supporting a wide  range of industries and applications :


    • Coalescing Compressed Air Filters* Instrumentation and Gas Sampling Filters

      * Vacuum Pump Inlet and Exhaust Filters

      * High Pressure Natural Gas Filters

      * High Efficiency Liquid Filters

      * Bulk Liquid separator

      * Refrigeration Air Dryers

      * Inline Desiccant Dryer

      * Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

      * Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers

    • Pressure losses start low and stay low to save energy, money and the environment


    • Low lifetime costs


    • Tested in accordance with international  standard ISO for compressed air quality (ISO 8573-1:2001)







  2. hydraulic filters
    • A range of quality products created for specific application use including:


    * Single high-flow filters

    * Duplex change over filters

    * Automatic back flushing filters

    * Oil Separators

    • Various technologies are available for fluid contamination monitoring:


    * Low Pressure (in-line) Filters

    * High  Pressure (in-line) Filters

    * Medium Pressure (in-line) Filters

    * Duplex (in-line) Filters


  3. nitrogen generators
    • Two different technologies are available for high quality nitrogen generation:


    * Membrane Technology :

     Uses bundles of hollow fibers which selectively separate compressed air by diffusing oxygen and other waste gases to the atmosphere while retaining nitrogen and allowing it to pass  through the center of these fibers to the application


    * Pressure Swing Adsorption:

    Uses columns of carbon molecular sieve which adsorb selectively under pressure oxygen and other waste gases and allow nitrogen to pass through to the application

    • Provides nitrogen gas with a maximum  remaining oxygen content range from 0.5%  to 5%
    • Simple to install, requires minimal  maintenance and eliminates safety hazards  associated with traditional gas supplies


    • Compact design which demand less floor  space


    • Can operate as low as 4 bar, thus reduces  energy and operating costs










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