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  1. instrumentation fittings
    • Industry standard design for all instrumentation grade tubing
    • Silver coated threads to reduce galling
    • Back ferrule is treated with Supar case™ technology to provide a strong mechanical grip on the tube
    • Industry double ferrule design for system specifications


  2. hydraulic fittings
    • Universal 37° flared  fittings for hydraulic systems and ships
    • Cold forming increases material strength and its fatigue properties, imparting high strength and longer service life to the nuts
    • Single 37° fitting body will accept both inch and metric tube sizes by simply changing the sleeve
    • Shapes are of one piece forged construction eliminating potential leak paths
    • Straight bodies are made from either cold drawn bar stock or cold formed construction
    • Easily produced flare at the tube end to seal and hold fluid under high pressure.
    • Sleeves are cold formed and heat treated for an optimum combination of strength and ductility


  3. pneumatic fittings
    • Instant fittings used to connect pneumatic devices in many industrial applications: assembly machines, factory automation, automotive process industry, vacuum networks…
    • Designed to meet international standards (Latest standard ISO 14743, for push-in-connectors used in conjunction with thermoplastic tubes .
    • A wide variety of body designs and numerous configurations from 3 to 14 mm with different types of thread (BSPP, BSPT..)
    • Fittings offer time saving and simplicity of installation (instant connection and disconnection without the use of tools),


  4. universal compression fittings
    • Connection of different materials and diameters of  tubing,  offering a maximum number of connection possibilities with direct assembly
    • Absence of seal,  guaranteeing maintenance simplification, an increase in the installation’s lifespan and lower risk of leakage authorizing the transportation of some fluids
    • Space-saving, allowing different connection configurations with the same fitting
    • Available in Brass and Stainless Steel materials


  5. quick couplings  instant fittings
    • Non-Spill designs virtually eliminate fluid loss upon disconnection and drastically minimize air inclusion during connection
    • Various body and seal materials available for transfer and sealing off media in corrosive or high purity applications: Stainless Steel, Brass and Polymer
    • Available in four types of threads: NPT, BSP parallel (BSPP), BSP  taper (BSPT) and metric


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